Sort your address book. Chronologically.



I can’t remember

Added a fellow modern art connoisseur at the exhibition yesterday? Met a nice girl last night, but forgot her name? The 24h tab of SoWho displays all the contacts that have been added within the last 24 hours. No more time wasted on scrolling through hundreds of contacts in your endless address book. SoWho displays new contacts to the exact minute they were added- quick and easy.

Once upon a time

Met a fun group of out-of-towners last weekend but forgot their names? In the “All” tab, all your contacts are listed in a chronological order by date and time. You can browse through them or just search for a specific contact. Remember that great coworker you used to work with but lost touch in the past year? Shoot ‘em a text right now!

Group it easily

This enhanced feature allows you to organize your contacts into groups. With one quick tap on the contact name, you can easily add him/her to an already existing or new group. Moreover, any changes made to a group will affect directly the groups in your address book. No duplicate content, efficient as it should be.

Time to analyze

How many contacts do you have in your address book? How many people did you meet last week? Last month? The Stats tab displays the number of contacts you’ve added during the last 24 hours, last seven days, last month and altogether in total.

Get SoWho


SoWho allows you to see all your contacts according to the date and time they were added; narrowing down the search process tremendously for the contacts of new friends you met last week at a BBQ, or at last month’s fundraiser event.

Highly versatile and simple-to-use

SoWho simply extends your regular address book on your device and syncs all your data directly with it; seamlessly transferring contact details from the app and eliminating the redundancy of adding a contact twice.

Easy grouping

There is no easier way of grouping contacts and organize existing and new groups as by SoWho’s enhanced grouping feature. Any group editing will directly sync to the groups in your address book.